Refer members to ILS’s Video Membership Club and you’ll receive a commission of 25% of their membership for their initial sign-up! Every affiliate automatically receives a referral URL. Simply paste the link or image button on your site or write an article about how it’s help your child or student and include your affiliate link. If a new member clicks your referrer link and proceeds to sign up for our Video Membership Club, you will receive a commission of 25% when they sign-up for the program.


How does it work?

Here are a few important points about how it works:

  • We use cookies to track people who have clicked on your link, so they must have cookies enabled.
  • If a person clears their cookies, we will no longer be able to track them.
  • If a person clicks on your referral link and then later they click on someone else’s, yours is the one that counts.
  • Commissions appear in your affiliate account.
  • Above all, use of the referral program is subject to a fair usage policy which gives ILS  the right to review each and every referral.